Kim Kardashian had received a shower of attention after her recent appearance at Met Gala in a long floral print dress which was loudly criticized in media as soon as she made her first step on a red carpet.


       However, this all just got even worse after fashion magazine Vogue had published a list of 77 best dressed on the event. And everything would be just fine if only a picture of Kim And Kanye wasn't cropped in a way that only a tiny strap of her dress and hand remained on the image.

      The whole image of Kim was not included into this list. It makes wondering though, was it really not possible to find a picture of Kanye where he stands alone or all this was made on purpose in order to highlight this fashion mishap - nobody knows, but it sure escalated even more talks about her wardrobe which in fact by many publicists was compared to a sofa. 

 (Image: screenshot)

      Despite all the negative comments toward the dress, the author of this floral ansamble and a good friend of the couple Riccardo Tisci defends his creation saying that pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in the world and when people celebrate something, they give flowers. He also added that Kim was the most beautiful pregnant woman he ever dressed in his career.

          Was that dress really worth all the drama? We think it was probably not the best creation of respected designer Riccardo Tisci and maybe not the best dress from the fashion perspective and frankly it really has some similarities with the sofa, but despite all that, Kim still managed to look confident and glamorous that night...even while wearing something like this. More images from the event ->

                                                                                            (Images: ImageCollect, StudioFindIt)